Credit Card Security 
We appreciate that our customers need to know that their credit or debit card details will be secure when using this payment method to make an order. Our system encrypts your credit card number and stores it on a secure SSL certified server using 128 bit encryption. As evidence of this, the familiar padlock icon will appear in the status bar at the foot of your browser while you are in the payment stage of the checkout procedure. Once your order has been processed, your credit card details are erased permanently. We believe that this system provides complete security for our customers.

If you encounter a difficulty when sending your credit card details, please check that your browser is capable of processing 128 bit security. With Internet Explorer, for example, you can check this by clicking on Help, then ' About Internet Explorer '. If your browser does not support this strength of security, you can still complete your order by selecting the option to send your payment details separately. However, as this same problem is likely to arise with other shopping and direct banking sites, you should give consideration to upgrading your browser to the latest version.

In common with most on-line shopping systems, our shopping basket requires that your browser supports cookies. A cookie is used to track the contents of your order and is deleted from your computer once the order is complete. No other data is placed on or retrieved from your computer.

If you discover that your shopping basket is not keeping track of your purchases, you will need to either switch to a cookie-enabled browser or enable the use of cookies in your existing browser. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+, this setting can be found in Tools / Internet Options / Security / Internet / Custom Level / Cookies. Users of other browsers should refer to the ' Help ' section of their browser.

If you have any other questions or experience any difficulty using our web site, please do contact us using our e-mail enquiry form.