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The red squirrel is one of our most charismatic and endearing woodland creatures. This delightful paperweight is designed using a palette of warm autumn colours incorporating soft red/orange tufty fur, complimented by autumn leaves that give the effect of the squirrel foraging in the woods for nuts and seeds.
This paperweight captures the essence of this cheeky little creature.
Height: 8.5cm


Red Alert, Red Squirrels Under Threat -

The unloved intruder the grey squirrel continues to move forward in its rampage across parts of Scotland and there is a call to renew the battle in southern Scotland to save our native red squirrel. The organisation dedicated to saving our cheery little friend has said that most populations remained stable, but highlighted that those in the south of the country were still under threat. In the north east Scotland and the central Lowlands the squirrels seem to be holding their own against the incursion of the dreaded greys.

50 Shades of Grey Squirrels

The nasty grey squirrels favour broadleaved trees such as oak and beech, which are more common in south Scotland. While in north east Scotland particularly near Aberdeen the red squirrels continued to expand their range. The organisation is trying to remove greys from the endangered habitats. In response to the increased threat of grey squirrels in the Nith Valley local landowners are rallying to the cause to protect their red squirrels.

The Gift of Red

And you can give the gift of their very own ‘red’ with this delightful paperweight designed using a palette of warm autumn colours incorporating a red in autumn leaves as our little beastie forages in the woods for nuts and seeds. It is four star rated and has handy discount to help with the conservation of the pennies and pounds.

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